About Me

        Michael is a Disabled  Army Veteran and Founder and President of Dallas Capital Enterprises, LLC ( Dallas Capital Financial Services , Dallas Capital & Associates and Actionable Intelligence are subsidy of Dallas Capital Enterprises, LLC ).
Michael comes with a background of over 30 years of professional business management and development. He specializes in  human resources, security systems, accounting, book keeping, payroll, taxation, property management and legal (business and contract law) arena’s. His strategic work experience includes an abundant of corporations on both the east coast and west coast in the real estate investment and development industries in overseeing HR and Security
       Michael earned a Associates Degree in Human Resource Management , A Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Majoring in Accounting  and a Master of Business Administration Majoring in Business Management.
Michael also attended other schools such as the Blake Business School (NY) ,the Railroad Academy (CA),  and Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA where he studied finance, business administration, economics, taxation, accounting and business development.
Company Background
Over 25 years of Excellent Service
Est. in 1987 in New York City, we have always been a services company. We moved to California in 2002 and saw a demand for professional but low cost tax services. We offered an all exclusive package that was Friendly and affordable. We kept our doors open all year round because peoples needs change during the year and having a professional tax company at the calling was a great idea.
We primarily serves the Humboldt County area and have prepared and filed returns for clients in Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, North Carolina and New York.We provide a variety of services for individuals,Veterans, small business's and home or start up businesses. These services include tax preparation with planning and forecasting for taxes.We pride ourselves on our ability to provide personal service to meet your business and individual requirements in these rapidly changing economic times.
We have been serving both individual and business clients throughout the Humboldt County region and other states to include:Oregon, Navada, Colorado, North Carolina and New York.  We provide  tax and business advisory services. We pride ourselves on our strong community ties and our unswerving dedication to customer service. Our client-centered and relationship-oriented reputation is unsurpassed and well-deserved.